Custom Web Design


Our web designers have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web development standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality!

Professional web design has become vital during recent years. A few years ago, it was estimated that a visitor to a web site took about 8 seconds to decide to stay on that web site or click the “Back” button. That was then, this is now: Your web site has only about 4 seconds to make an impression on the visitor. That is not much time at all! Today, people want instant results. Few people even wait to see the entire web design before making their decision. If your web design does not grab their attention immediately, they won't stick around. And if your web site does not offer something of benefit, they won't bookmark it and they won't come back!!!

So, with that in mind, remember, people spend most of their time on the Internet reading. They read search results, news items, how-to articles and forums. A professional web design company will take this into account. Loumedia is your one stop shop for interactive design. For more information please contact us.



Graphic Design


Graphic Design is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of web design. How many times have you visited a web site and cringed at the slow loading pictures. I'll bet you did not stick around to see everything load.

In most cases, web sites that have this problem were created by someone who bought a Web Design How-To book, created a web page that says “Hello World” and now think they are an expert. Or, while learning web design, they created this slow loading site as a favor for a friend or family member. At any rate, hiring a professional web design company will prevent bad design from happening to you.

Does that old blocky typeface you call your logo need an upgrade? Do you need a new image to compete in this day and age? Does your company need to redesign its logo, or to develop a complete corporate identity? Do you need a stationary system, brochures, and business cards? Loumedia can provide a complete identity package so your company can compete in any market. Don't wait one more day to reel in your full client base potential. Loumedia can create that sparkling new image that your business demands.

Loumedia is available for all of your graphic design needs from concept to completion. We combine the latest computer technology with state of the art graphic design to give our clients the visual edge they need. We create high quality graphic design for a wide variety of businesses. Some of our professional graphic design services include digital production, logos, advertising, promotional items, newsletters, business cards, fliers, invitations, menus, brochures, photo retouching, scanning, image manipulation and special effects.





Loumedia is a full service, professional video production company that can help guide a client from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing and duplication. Whether you are looking for Professional Video, Broadcast or High Definition we are very budget-minded and can work within the parameters given by our clients.

Not all production companies are alike. We pride ourselves on the high standards we put in all our work. The videos we produce will be ones you will be proud to have represent your company and your clients. Send us an email for instant pricing.

  • Marketing Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Television Commercials
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Video News Releases
  • Music Videos

Non-Linear Editing on Location !!!
Ask us about our Final Cut Pro X non-linear editing system for on-the-road editing.  Great for sales meetings and trade conventionwhere you need instant video production and DVD production.  



IT Support


We provide your business with continuous IT consulting and IT support in a personal and professional manner. We have the tools and the expertise to resolve IT issues remotely, dramatically reducing downtime that your employees would experience otherwise. The support plans we offer are straightforward and comprehensive enabling our clients to define  a fixed budget to ensure their computer systems are healthy and secure. 

We offer outstanding IT outsourcing services with an in-house staff offering over 30 years of experience in IT consulting, servicing and managing of computers, servers, networks and email. 

Our skilled IT consultants will not only resolve your existing issues, but can assess and reconfigure your systems to secure them against future problems. We work within your budget to provide dependable and secure IT solutions, and clearly explain them before any options are executed. Our competitive advantage is the quality of our work and personal relationship with each client.


  • IT Consulting
  • Data Backups
  • Computer Cleanups
  • Virus Protection
  • Spyware Protection
  • Firewall Support
  • Networking
  • Trouble Shooting

No matter what Loumedia services you utilize, you can count on experiencing the Remarkable Service Commitment, delivered by a team that is 100% committed to your success and satisfaction.







-We offer custom web design tailored to the needs of your business-

  • Small Business Websites
  • Internet Marketing Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Social Networking Websites



-Product Design for a Digital World-

Here are some videos that have been done using our interactive design team.


Public Service announcements that have been aired on TV as well as broadcast through out the web.